Surgical Recall 1.0.0


Surgical Recall, an invaluable resource for the third and fourth year medical students on surgical clerkships, enables quick study and easy access in a rapid-fire Q&A format. Includes completely updated information, new acronyms and mnemonics, new illustrations, and more streamlined rapid-fire answers, as well as a Rapid-Fire Power Review: Top 100 Clinical Surgical Microvignettes.
It is commonly used as a quick review prior to surgical rounds as well as an easily carried tool for board review. This latest update is based on the 5th edition with additional features, enhanced functionality and ongoing updates!
- Includes new content, plus new mnemonics, new classic radiographs, and 60 new drawings.
- Newly added Rapid-Fire Power Review: Top 100 Clinical Surgical Microvignettes.
- More useful mnemonics and other memory aids than ever before
- New sections Surgical Respiratory Care and Procedures for the Surgical Ward and Clinic.
- Previous edition's section Wounds, Drains, and Tubes is available as "Wounds" and "Drains and Tubes" in the current resource.
- All content revised with the most up-to-date surgical information.

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